AUGUST 22, 2008: To see the conclusion of this project see the article posted on August 21, 2008 called “Harold Holzer Comments on “Lincoln in Death” Photo.

August 13, 2008: Barry Cauchon
QUESTION: If someone came to you looking for help in proving whether a photo they owned was a genuine picture of Abraham Lincoln taken sometime after his death, would you be interested? Most of you would say “DAH, of course I’d be interested. Are you nuts”!
Well, for the past year, a gentleman, who owns such a picture, has been writing to experts and Lincoln writers, trying to find someone to look at it and comment on it’s authenticity one way or another. So after one year, can you guess what happened? Not one single person responded to him. Not one! How unbelievable is that!
But this very private gentleman, whom I’ll call Mr. P, isn’t one to give up easily. So last week, I received an email from him stating his desire to resolve this puzzle. I responded to him…and I’m glad I did. We have had many good exchanges ever since.
So to start, here is Mr. P’s email…
August 7, 2008
Hello to all. This site was very helpful to me in doing research on a Daguerreotype or tintype I found in a family Desk about a year ago. The desk has been in my family for many many years and really has never been cleaned out. I have had it 23 years. I wanted to move it to another room, so I started to clean it out. And in one of the small drawers, I found a photo, which my research finds is a Daguerreotype or tintype. Well, looking at it I said to myself “This looks like Abe Lincoln…dead!”. So I tried to find out as much info as I could. No one would return my emails etc. Now I know this sounds crazy but to me it looks like Abe Lincoln. I just want to find out if it may be the real thing on not. So any info would be helpful. Thank you.
WOW, just think…someone may have found a photo of Abraham Lincoln taken after his death!
It’s exciting. And that is why we want to share the experience and process with you. Over the next three weeks, we will be looking for people interested in helping us with our research. At the end of that three weeks we will publish the photo along with the research we’ve all gathered. Hopefully the combination of the photo and the research will lead to a great debate about its authenticity. We want to prove or disprove that this photo is Abraham Lincoln after death. Either result will be accepted as long as its been accomplished as objectively as possible.
The photo will be published here on Wednesday, September 03, 2008.
In coming posts, I will describe the photograph and the pros and cons that Mr. P and I believe need to be considered. As well, I will list the areas where we need more accurate information and research.
Let’s have fun with this and maybe, you may be helping us to prove that a long lost photograph has been found that is Abraham Lincoln after death.
Please comment here or send me an email at with the subject line that reads “Lincoln Photo Research”.
& Mr. P.



If you are interested in Abraham Lincoln, you should read these interviews by two Lincoln experts:


“An Awesometalk With” Harold Holzer, Lincoln Scholar

(posted on November 10, 2008) 


  “An Awesometalk With” Dr. Thomas Schwartz, Illinois State Historian 

(posted on December 08, 2008) 



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  1. Okay, so I know what the odds are that it’s actually Lincoln, but I’m subscribing anyway. I’m new to the photo research scene and it’s something I want to learn, so it’s a no-lose for me!

    By the way, this is my first time here, so hello everybody! I’ll try not to get in the way.

  2. Hi there: You are so correct! The odds aren’t great that this is a real photo of Mr. Lincoln, but then again, what if it is! And what if everyone was so skeptical about its authenticity, that no one tried to find out. That would be a tragedy. LOL.

    I have seen the picture and a variety of different blown up areas from it. I have conversed with Mr. P. about the history of the photo and the details that he can see in the original that do not come through cleanly in the emailed images. Like Mr. P, we are both not 100% convinced, but then again, there are some parts of it that just make you say “Wow, it just might be the real thing!” Mr. P just wants to know one way or another what he has in his possession. With your help, I think we can get closer to the truth. Please email me with your name so I can contact you by email shortly.
    Thanks again for your interest and help in this puzzle.

  3. I think it’s great. Whether the image is original or not, we will learn something. Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to share in this. I can’t wait to see the photo….

  4. Hi Christy: Good to be in touch with you again. Yes, it is an exciting adventure for me as well. I just love doing behind the scenes stuff and going through this process is where I will get my most enjoyment. As well, conversing with others and getting their input and thoughts will be great.
    Once we see how many folks are interested in helping with this, I’ll contact them independently and figure out our next step.
    Talk to you soon.

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