The Lincoln Conspirators Execution Photos: A Study in Detail

The 15-chapter series on The Lincoln Conspirators Execution Photos: A Study in Detail is now completed and posted under the Pages section. To view, please click on the links below to view the chapters you wish to see.

Please be advised that the photographs and content, although historical, are graphic in detail and not intended for children.




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  1. […] The Lincoln Conspirators Execution Photos: A Study in Detail « A … […]

  2. Fascinating, and very well done.

    Rath reportedly (Washington Post, April 8, 1892)”was berift of reason” while riding in the mail train where he worked.

    • Hi Andrew. Thanks for the kind words. Do you know what Rath was referring to when he made that comment? It’s an interesting figure of speech.
      Andrew, I very much appreciate your input and look forward to hearing more about your book as well.

      For those of you who do not know Andrew Jampoler’s work, he recently released his book “The Last Lincoln Conspirator: John Surratt’s Flight from the Gallows” (October 2008), US Naval Institute Press. I have not read it yet but look forward to picking it up this week.

  3. Could you supply me with Andy’s e-mail address. I have photos of him and wife on recent cruise that I would like to send them.

    • Hi Rudi: For the sake of privacy I don’t give out information on anyone without their permission. However, I’ll be happy to send your request to him with your email so that he can respond directly. Although I believe you to be genuine, I’m sure you can understand that there are others who not so trustworthy and will use deceipt to find information about someone else. I am very careful about this and protect the privacy of people who respond to me on this blog.
      I will forward your note to Andy today.

  4. Hi Barry,
    I’ve logged onto this blog several times in the past couple of years– still trying to figure out how to access the links to the “A Study in Detail” photos. Is there a place on the blog for a subscription, which I’d be glad to complete and/or purchase if needed.

    My interest in Lincoln is life-long. When I was in the first grade- it was in either late ’63 or early ’64, I actually memorized the Gettysburg Address and recited it in front of my entire grade school (my mom still has a picture of me, up front, that day). I only wish I was as smart now, as a 53 y/o, as I was when I was 6!

    Thanks so much for all of this exciting and captivating material. I’m looking forward to your book!

    Ray McIntire, Springfield, TN

  5. The links don’t work.

    • Hi Brandon: Unfortunately, I removed all access to these chapters because I am turning them into a book that is due out next year. It will be called “Inside the Walls: The Final Days of the Lincoln Conspirators”. It will be packed with information on not only the executions, but also on the conspirators’ incarceration aboard the monitors, the Arsenal Pentitentiary and the people involved with the conspirators. Sorry I can no longer share THE LINCOLN CONSPIRATORS EXECUTION PHOTOT: A STUDY IN DETAIL. But the book will contain so much more.

  6. Greetings,
    I visited the US Navy Yard on Thursday, May 17, 2012 intent on finding the site of the Lincoln Conspirators hanging per the information provided in your blog. We did locate the area (at the tennis courts) and the historical plaque as well. At this location there was a pile of cement slabs and stones/rocks stacked neatly. Do you know if this is part of a renovation?
    Also noted was the building (former penintentiary), which is now an African American studies office(?) Do you know if they would conduct a tour of this building?

    Thank you for assisting us in our search.

    • Hi Diane: I’m sorry for such a long delay in responding, but for whatever reason, my blog didn’t tell me that you had left me a message. For those reading this blog and are a little confused, Diane indicated that she was at the US Navy Yard but in fact was at Fort Lesley McNair. The US Navy Yard is not where the trial and executions took place but where the conspirators were held on monitors prior to being transferred to the penitentiary. Fort McNair is just west of the Navy Yard and it is this location where the Arsenal grounds and penitentiary existed.
      The tennis court just south of Buildin 20 is where scaffold stood (just off the playing surface of tennis court #4 (north east corner). The restoration of the original trial room is still underway up on the third floor of Building 20 (Grant Hall). It is not expected to be opened until late summer or fall. We are not sure what arrangements will be made for guided tours yet but I’m sure there will be something set up eventually. Currently, they are furnishing the room with period furniture and other antique pieces.
      I’m not sure where the slabs are from or what they are being used for. The entire building was checked out and this could have come from the basement. Recently, an archaelogical survey was done to positively locate the walls of the penitentiary. I am told this was successful.
      Are you planning on heading back to Fort McNair? Is so, please let me know and I’ll try to give you more update information.

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