Here are some March birthdays for Lincoln’s friends and foes. And perhaps a few who lived before, during or just after his time.

abigailfillmore1  Abigail Powers Fillmore, 1st lady (1850-53) and wife of President Millard Fillmore. Born March 13, 1798. Age 214.

200px-grover_cleveland  Grover Cleveland, 22nd (1885-89) & 24th (1893-97) President of the United States. Born March 18, 1837. Age 175.

225px-benito_juarez_presidente  Benito Pablo Juarez Garcia, President of Mexico (1858-72). Born March 21, 1806. Age 206.

230px-scolfax  Schuyler Colfax, Republican. 17th VP of the United States (under President Grant)(1869-73). Born March 23, 1823. Age 189.

gutzon20borglum20p4920low20res  Gutzon Borglum, sculpturer of Mount Rushmore. Born March 25, 1867. Age 145.

john-tyler  John Tyler, 10th President of the United States (1841-45). Died on January 18, 1862 while Lincoln was in office. Born March 29, 1790. Age. 222.

Happy birthday lady & gentlemen!



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