Pamila Dixon Tift

December 6, 2010: Barry Cauchon

It is with heavy heart that I write to inform you that the world lost a lovely lady today. Pamila Dixon Tift passed away just after 9:00am this morning after battling years of cancer. Pam was a friend to me, this blog and a huge supporter of our book project “Inside the Walls”. Pam was the original owner of the Dixon Diary (the diary of George E. Dixon, who recorded his Civil War adventures including his time at the Arsenal Penitentiary during the Lincoln conspirator trial, incarceration and executions). That diary helped launch the writing of John Elliott and my book. Pam’s cousin, Ed Isaacs was instrumental in finding me and graciously sharing its content along with George’s family history. He graciously brought me into his family fold, introduced me to Pam and his wife Mary Beth. And we have all become good friends. Ed did one of my first interviews on An Awesometalks With on this blog. And it all started with Pam sharing the diary with Ed and letting him run with it.

If you have spent any time on our Inside the Walls Facebook page, you would have seen many postings from Pam and Ed. Both have been regular contributors to it and have always cheered us on by sending happy thoughts and messages. As I mentioned, Ed is a personal friend of mine now and I’m feeling for him tonight as he deals with Pam’s loss.

Although some of you may find this a little sad, Ed and I want to share the last email that Pam sent to him just four days ago (December 2). Pam may have sensed her time was coming. Along with this email below, she sent Ed a package relating to their ancestor George. It is a poignant and fitting tribute to their family. Pam sent a unique chess set and asked Ed for one small favor. I still laugh when I read the line where she scolds Ed by saying “DO NOT pick a pawn”. True Pamila.

Pam had a great sense of humor, and although the last paragraph is painful to read, her sign off is classic &  funny Pam. You were one of a kind. I will miss you a lot.

December 2, 2010

Dear Ed.

I saw the set and was instantly seeing it on display with so many of your Civil War things. Most of all I want you to pick one piece and name it George E Dixon. DO NOT pick a pawn. Set up a display and take pictures. Send a pic to me and to Barry. Maybe, ha-ha, you could convince him to put the photo in his book.
I am headed to Portland to see my lung doctor. Maybe he can get this COPD under control.
Love you and Mary Beth,
Crazy cousin Pam

God bless you Pam.



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  1. Dear Barry,
    THANK YOU… so much for the beautiful tribute to our cousin, Pam Tift. Your words left me speechless. Ed and I only wish we could have had more time with Pam… we adored her sense of humor. We are so happy to have had her in our lives, even though it was not as long as we would have wanted. God bless you, Barry; and God bless Pamila Tift.
    Mary Beth Isaacs

  2. Thank you Ed, Mary Beth and Barry for being such dear friends to my mother Pam. She cherished all who took the time to share a story and listen to them as well. I have ensured her three grandsons that they need to always remember Grandma Tifts joyfulness and her candor. She will be greatly missed by us all.

    • Hi Theresa: My sincerest condolences to you and your family. It was a joy speaking about your mother. I enjoyed my on-line chats with her, especially since you folks are in Maine. My mother and grandparents were from Sanford, ME. I was born just on the south side of the border though in Dover, NH. Still, I have very fond memories of visiting Maine and we there just last year for a family reunion. I will always be grateful to your mother for keeping me close to my roots.
      God bless.

  3. Dear Ed,
    Thank you for this wonderful tribute to my grandmother. She was a loving,fun filled person and made the sun seem to shine just a little bit brighter. She will surely be missed, for where ever she went and who ever she met she brought some kind of smile or happiness that can’t be forgotten. I loved and still love my grandmother and will always cherrish what she brought to me.
    Thank you,
    Courtney M. Tift

    • Hi Courtney. Your grandmother would be so proud of you. Fun loving and joyful are the two attributes I knew her most for. She touched a lot of people in her life and everyday, more and more unexpected connections are found. That is what joy and love bring to you. My thoughts are with you and your family. I know your grandmother will be fondly remembered.
      With kindest regards,

  4. Thank you Cousin Eddy, Mary Beth and Barry for such a heartfelt tribute to my meme.
    You certainly captured a beautiful snapshot of her candid spirit we all loved, cherished and will truly miss. I appreciate all of your collaberations and work that you have shared with her. Digging up history and doing geneology research kept her curious spirit charged and her livliness too, you were such an instrumental key to her life, and the one that follows. I know she is continuing her journey and making herself cozy-at-home while embracing all of these pieces of history.
    Thank you again.

    RIP Meme <3 you are so loved and missed, you were the glue that kept us together, thank you for strenghtening our roots. You will find peace and happiness wherever you go, find Joanie and Alvin and all those other wacky characters of your past. Spread those wings and get on with your bad self :p
    Love, Your Crazy Grandaughter Ashlea

  5. Thanks to all for showing your love.My Mom was loved by many.I will forever miss my Mom.As all her friends know she was full of laughs and spirits.I hope her goodness carries on to those of you she touched.Let the Goodness spread.My Moms Spirit is with-in all of us,and so in our hearts she will always be Loved and in our minds she will never be Forgotten.Love you Mom.Rest in Peace.We will meet again. Love Forever,Your Son

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