Hey, where are you from?

June 13, 2011: Barry Cauchon

Public Viewing of Lincoln's Body (Harper's Weekly - May 06, 1865)

Hi all: Sorry to have been missing in action for so long. This month is a busy one for me schedule-wise.

In spite of that, I have been wanting to find out where some of my readers come from. So please, in the COMMENTS section below, please let me know who you are, where you live and what interests you about history. Tell me what kind of history intrigues you the most and if you have any connection to it through family or other avenues.

I look forward to reading about you.



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  1. Barry,glad to see that you are not not missing in action and have been found,as you know my main historical connection is with Titanic,however also other historical connections.

  2. People seem a bit shy replying to you Barry so I’ll help out.

    I live in IL and I’ve had an interest in the Lincoln assassination for awhile. One day I stumbled across A Little Touch of History when I was searching for the execution photos. Through your posts and links here I found Randal Berry’s Lincoln-Assassination.com and with it a wonderful community of Boothies. It was a great honor to meet you and John Elliott at the Surratt Conference this year and I, like so many others, am amazed at the research you two have done and the discoveries you have made. So I keep a close eye on your blog Mr. Cauchon for you have many treasures to share.

    Dave Taylor

    • Thanks Dave for the great comment. You are well respected in this community and we are really glad you are here.
      I do apologize for not keeping an eye on my blog. Real work gets the better of me sometimes and I have been hard pressed to enjoy my historical endevours. But that should change soon.
      Look for some postings in the near future.

  3. Galveston, Texas, I blog at Dead Confederates and MaritimeTexas.net.

    • Thanks Andy. I ventured onto your blog and enjoyed the content very much. Keep up the great work! Love it.

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog today after watching the movie “The Conspirators.” I have a degree in Education with certifications in History and English, and taught these subjects as a high school teacher.

    The battle of Gettysburg is of special interest to me having visited there on various occasions. I’m expecting to take a day visit there in the near future. What fascinates me most about the Civil War Era are the personal testimonies of those whose lives were deeply effected at that time. Anecdotal evidence is filled with human emotion and passion, which is a mirror into the mindset of that day.

    I’m glad I stumbled across your blog and plan to drop by again. Best wishes to you and future publications of profound historical events.

    • Hi Darlene. I’m very happy that you’ve found my blog and that you enjoy my articles. The Conspirator is certainly getting people interested in the Civil War time period again. Although there was clearly ‘artistic licence’ taken on some of the historical facts, the story was well put together. I spent two days on set during the shoot in Savannah, GA and enjoyed it a lot. I specialize in the Washington or Arsenal Penitentiary and the incarceration of the conspirators, their trial and punishments. My writing partner, John Elliott and I are in the middle of writing a book on the subject. As well, we are speaking (2nd year in a row) at the Surratt Museum Lincoln Assassination Conference in March 2012. The assassination of President Lincoln is such a vast subject of study, it is very easy to find your own small piece of the pie and dig down into it. Many of my good friends in the research community often share research related to our subject that they cannot use in their own field of study. It’s a great dynamic and the real story of the assassination becomes more and more apparent everyday.
      So glad you are part of the ‘club’.
      Have a wonderful day.

  5. Barry,
    Thanks for the welcome. There are a variety of subjects that can spark one’s interest in the Civil War. Among many, I’ve delved a bit into the business of spies on both sides. Did you ever read about the servant in Jefferson Davis’ home that was a spy for the North? It’s quite fascinating.

    • Hi Darlene: Thanks for the reply. I’ve not heard about the Davis’s spy story. Please feel free to share it. I’ll be happy to post it.
      Many thanks.

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