December 3, 2008: Barry Cauchon

I received a comment from a reader MICKEY MOUSE BIRTHDAY today. It was buried deep under one of my many postings. It sparked my interest enough to re-post it here.


But first, let me give you a little background on this subject. Mickey Mouse officially turned 80 years old on November 18, 2008. I believe the comment below was probably triggered by an article I wrote about Abraham Lincoln’s voice. He had a high pitched voice and it always made me laugh when I thought about how Disney had portrayed President Lincoln in their Hall of Presidents exhibit. He was featured with a deep and commanding Presidential voice rather than the high pitched voice he actually had. I compared him to Mickey Mouse. So I assume the comment below continued in that vein. Have fun with the subject and comment away.

MICKEY MOUSE BIRTHDAY– “So the Disney conglomerate says Mickey Mouse is 80 years old today. Big whoop. This probably is un-American and may bring me some angry e-mail, but I never liked Mickey Mouse. I never liked his squeaky voice!”

BARRY – “Hi NON-Mickey Mouse fan. On November 18, 2008, Disney did indeed celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 80th birthday. I’m glad you wrote because it is history. And sharing your opinion of your dislike of Mickey Mouse is honest and certainly non-offensive. Yes, you may get some opposing opinions on the subject, but that’s what makes life go around. It is always good to stir up a debate. For the record, I was never a Donald Duck fan because I could never understand his garbled speaking manner. If I had a preference for any cartoon fowl, Daffy was my guy”!

BARRY – “I want to say here that I will always thank Walt Disney for creating Mickey Mouse. One of the greatest gifts I ever gave my daughter (at the time she was 4) was to have her meet Mickey Mouse at Disney World. Mickey was her first celebrity crush and to actually meet him was a thrill for her that she talked about for some time afterwards. Thanks so much for that Walt”.          




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