FEBRUARY 12, 2012:  Barry Cauchon


The picture below was sent to me three years ago by Corrine MaCauley on the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth. I liked it so much I wanted to keep it here for awhile. Thanks Corrine.

Thank you to Corrine Macauley and the West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Thank you to Corrine Macauley and the West Chester University of Pennsylvania for this creative birthday photo.

Here are some other February birthdays for Lincoln’s friends and foes. And perhaps a few contemporaries who lived during his time but whom he may not have been personally acquainted with.

john-deere  John Deere, pioneer manufacturer of agricultural equipment. Born February 7, 1804, Age 208.

charles-dickens  Charles Dickens, English novelist, Oliver Twist and Tale of 2 Cities. Born February 7, 1812. Age 200.

jules_verne  Jules Verne, French sci-fi writer, From the Earth to the Moon. Born February 8, 1828. Age 184.

thomas_edison  Thomas Edison, American inventor. Born February 11, 1847. Age 165.

charles_darwin_1880  Charles Darwin, discoverer of evolution, Origin of Species. Born February 12 , 1809. Age 203.

200px-wscotthancock  Major General Winfield Scott Hancock. Senior military officer in charge of the Lincoln conspirator executions. Born February 14, 1824. Age 188.

200px-susan_b_anthony_older_years  Susan B. Anthony. American activist, women’s suffragette. Born February 15, 1820.  Age 192.

victor_hugo  Victor Hugo, French author, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Les Miserables. Born February 26, 1802. Age 210.

john-nicolay  John G. Nicolay, Lincoln’s private secretary and co-biographer with John Hay. Born February 26, 1832.  Age 180.

buffalo_bill_cody  William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, American western frontiersman. Born February 26, 1846. Age 166.

200px-henrywlongfellow1868  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, poet. Born February 27, 1807. Age 205.

Happy birthday lady & gentlemen!





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