October 18, 2008: Barry Cauchon

I’d like to recommend two articles that I think you would enjoy reading. At the same time, I’d like your comments and feedback on them. Tell me what you think and let’s get a dialogue started. I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

The first goes by the title of “The Fame of Major General Lew Wallace” and the second is “Hangman Christian Rath: Incompetence, Complicity or Just Common Practice”.

The Fame of Major General Lew Wallace tells the story of a Civil War general who, in historical retrospect, was involved in some of the most memorable events of his time.

Then, as if that was not enough, he wrote three novels, one of which became a classic and is known world wide to this day. Find out which novel Lew Wallace wrote and what events he was prominently involved in by reading “The Fame of Major General Lew Wallace“.


  In the article, “Hangman Christian Rath: Incompetence, Complicity or Just Common Practice” the hangman responsible for executing four of the Lincoln conspirators is put on trial for botching some of the hangings. Did Rath mishandle the hangings which resulted in at least two of the conspirators needlessly suffering after the trap door was sprung? Did he purposely and maliciously conspire to inflict as much additional pain as possible on the guilty for their heinous crimes? Or was it just the way hangings were carried out and therefore, resulted in nothing out of the ordinary for that day and age? Find out by reading “Hangman Christian Rath: Incompetence, Complicity or Just Common Practice“.

Please read both articles and let me know what you think of them. I’d love to hear your comments.





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