September 8, 2008 – Barry Cauchon

I know, I know! Talking about a Heart concert on a history blog may be considered ‘uncool’ but hey, such is life, it was a good concert and in the end, it’s my blog. So there….Hah! LOL. Just havin’ some fun with you all.

On Friday, September 5, 2008, I attended the Cheap Trick, Heart and Journey concert at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The weather prediction for the night was rain. But by the time the show began at 7:00pm, with Cheap Trick leading off, the skies were looking better and the first set went off without a hitch.

The second act featured Ann and Nancy Wilson’s band HEART. This was the band I really wanted to see and I was pumped up about it. I had already seen Cheap Trick before and would have loved to see them again, but traffic was brutal and we missed their entire show. Journey was good but I wasn’t as familiar with all their music. Still they were fun to watch.

Without getting into an in-depth concert review about Heart, I will say that they were terrific from start to finish. These ladies and their band mates can belt out the tunes!

It was about half way through the show when an amazing thing happened for me (and about 15,999 other fans in attendance). Heart launched into a cover of “Love, Reign o’er Me” from The Who’s 1973 Quadrophenia album. Sometimes the song is referred to by fans as “Love Rain on Me”, “Rain On Me” and “Rain”.

As Ann Wilson started singing the words (and she did a great job!) to this ‘plus’ six minute song, the skies opened up and it began to rain on the crowd. It rained on us, no kidding, for the entire song and then stopped for the rest of the night. One song, one rain shower. Rain on me! Rain on!

So whether it was “Love Reigning O’er Me” or “September Showers Raining On Me” I can’t be sure. But for those few minutes, something magical did happen, and in my opinion Heart became a far better weather forecaster than 99% of the meteorologist out there today.

Yes, I know it’s a stretch equating REIGN with RAIN but at that moment in time it was pretty cool. I guess you just had to be there……AND … oh, didn’t I say … I WAS! Ha ha! Yippee skippee!

The night was filled with great entertainment and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’m 50 and grew up with these bands. Like many parents there, I took my daughter (age 16) to the concert and she loved the show. Age makes little difference when the music is good.

The concert is now history (hence why I can include it on my ‘history’ blog without feeling guilty).  And now, all I have left are my memories and soggy running shoes to remember it by.

Strange by true!  ♥♥♥



PS. Here is a clip on YouTube that was posted from the concert. Enjoy.