November 01, 2010: Barry Cauchon

The following WHAT IF questions have no bearing on real history and are proposed here solely for entertainment and to provoke intelligent discussion. Feel free to add your own.

WHAT IF… Jack the Ripper had been captured alive and studied by medical men in 1888, and those studies then used years later to help experts in understanding future serial killers. How many lives might have been saved?

WHAT IF… Astronaut Neil Armstrong had broken his leg five weeks prior to the launch of Apollo 11. Would he still have been the first man to walk on the moon?

WHAT IF… Adolf Hitler and other key members of the Nazi party had been passengers on the Hindenburg when it burst into flames as it attempted to dock at Lakehurst , NJ on May 7, 1936? Assuming they did not survive, how would history have been changed without these men there to drive their party’s agenda?

WHAT IF… Elvis Presley had not died at the age of 42 in 1977? Would he have had a huge comeback and produced many more memorable songs that we would all know and consider classics today?

WHAT IF… Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated in 1862, three years prior to his actual death in 1865, and only part way through his first term as President? How would it have affected the outcome of the Civil War?

WHAT IF… all four of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln’s children had lived to ripe old ages. Only one reached adulthood. Might there have been another Lincoln in the White House?




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