In the third installment of this series, I will tickle your noodle with a few short, but true “Did you know” statements.

1. Did you know … that Abraham Lincoln’s grandfather was named Abraham Lincoln?

2. Did you know …that Abraham Lincoln’s father and mother were named Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. The twist here is that the famous actor Tom Hanks (see the connection?) is a direct descendant from Abraham Lincoln through his mother’s side, Nancy Hanks Lincoln. For the record, he is the third cousin, four times removed. Sorry, but even I can’t trace that one. But it’s true!

3. Did you know … that Abraham Lincoln spoke in a high pitched voice with a Kentucky accent? This is a far cry from the Disney version seen in movies, where he is presented using a deep, commanding voice as would befit the President of the United States. What if Disney had decided to accurately portray Mr. Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address in his real voice. Do you think it would have sounded a lot like Mickey Mouse? One may never know. 





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