September 12, 2011: Barry Cauchon

I rarely post my own personal stories on my blog but in this case, I thought I’d make an exception.

Many people point out that I live in a world where death is a prominent feature. It is history after all, and most of the people I talk about are no longer alive. But there is something to be said about celebrating life and the wonders found around us everyday. My soul needs this and the balance it gives me in my life. And one way that I rejuvenate myself is in my interactions with nature and animals. Pets are great, but my real joy comes from observing, and on occasion, bonding with the birds and animals that live in the wild.

Recently I made a trip to my family cottage which is located about three hours northeast of Toronto, Canada. It is on protected government land where no hunting is allowed. We have owned this cottage for about 14 years and as part of our initial renovation, set up a deer feeding station. It has attracted a steady stream of local deer (some of which have been visiting us for over ten years), along with other creatures (raccoons, turkeys, geese, blue jays, squirrels and of course chipmunks).

A small deer named Dolly, the matriarch of a clan of about twelve deer, has always been braver than the others and occasionally has eaten out of our hands. During this recent visit, however, she was particularly trusting and friendly. Here are some photographs of me, my girl friend Christine and my brother Marty enjoying some quality time with Dolly and one of our crazy chipmunks.

It was definitely a ‘rejuvenating moment’.



Dolly and Barry. Dolly enjoys some cracked corn and peanuts. Her favorite treats are apples and watermelon.

Christine and Dolly bonding over some tasty cracked corn.

A reassuring pat on the head.

...and don't forget the chipmunks! They need their nourishment too!

Marty also has a treat for Dolly.


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