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 Hi: My name is Barry Cauchon of AWESOMETALKS and I have a passion for history and sharing my experiences with others. I am currently a professional speaker and Senior Project Manager working in the corporate, museum and touring exhibit industries. In 2004-2005 I took on the role of Senior Project Manager for the development and launch of the touring exhibit “Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs”; the renowned King Tut tour!

I have worked in, or peripherally with, the museum industry for years and have been blessed with the opportunity to go behind the scenes to experience what it takes to pull together “the big show”. In historical exhibits, this has allowed me to experience and touch history personally.

  • I have handle some of the most amazing artifacts in the world.
  • I’ve held original ticker tape from the day the US stock market crashed on Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929.
  • I have handled artifacts from the Holocaust and met numerous survivors from that unbelievable period in time.
  • I’ve presented Princess Diana’s wedding dress to the media and I’ve actually cradled one-of-a-kind pieces recovered from the tomb of King Tut!
  • And then there was the time I hugged the skeleton of a saber tooth tiger. Awesome!

Each experience has been a gift and I’m thrilled to get the opportunity to share these experiences with people today.

A Little Touch of History is the name of the presentation I offer to students where I discuss memorable historical events and then bring related artifacts into the classroom and allow them to ‘touch history’ themselves. It’s a powerful approach that really keeps them interested and focused.  

This blog is here to promote this ‘idea’ of sharing history with others so that we can all have a greater appreciation for the relevance it plays in our lives today. I encourage teachers, students and professionals in the museum, education, corporate and private sectors to share their thoughts about history and how it can be uniquely presented so that it is impactful and leaves an lasting impression.

Too many great museum pieces lay dormant in basements and darkened rooms and should be shared with the public. I want to hear about various outreach programs promoted by museums and organizations. Some are very clever and bring a fresh approach to the presentation of their collections. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.

Barry Cauchon – A Short Biography

Barry graduated from York University in Toronto, Canada in 1983 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Design major. One of his first professional positions was not that of a designer but as a Jr. Project Manager; a position that would eventually shape his professional life in the years to come.

After years of honing his skills as a PM in various industries, Barry entered the world of displays and exhibits in 1996. The combination of project management, creativity, design interaction, exhibit presentation, and most importantly, teamwork and leadership, created an environment that allowed Barry to truly excel.

Barry’s career has resulted in an impressive list of high profile projects. He has produced exhibits for corporations such as Bank of America, Corning, Federal Express, Microsoft, Nasdaq, the National Football League (NFL), Nike, Nortel, Toronto Stock Exchange and Toys R Us to name just a few.

But he will be the first to tell you that his favorite projects involve working with historical subject matter, whether found in corporate, museum or touring exhibits. His interest in history has allowed him to connect wholly with this part of the industry. When one finds their passion, the true nature of themselves is realized.

In 2003-2004, Barry worked on two major projects that, for him, changed his professional life forever, the first was the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre and the second was the Diana, A Celebration touring exhibit. Both were emotionally charged with stories of human tragedy, combined with hope and inspiration. The experiences from these two exhibits only proved to him that the incredible power of the human spirit is alive and well.

As mentioned earlier, these were followed up by the King Tut exhibit in 2004-2005 and then another year working on the expansion project for the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada. 

 Currently, Barry is working on several museum and corporate exhibit projects.


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Barry Cauchon is a professional speaker and Senior Project Manager working in the corporate, museum and touring exhibit industries since 1996. In 2004-2005, he was the Senior Project Manager for the touring exhibits “Diana: A Celebration” and “Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs”; the renowned King Tut tour!

As a professional speaker, Barry brings his enthusiasm for history along with his own personal experiences from “behind the scenes”, to educational and professional organizations, sharing some of the ‘best practices’ from around the globe.

He is a champion of museum and corporate outreach programs and is presently developing, partly through this blog, a network of museums, schools, corporations, and other groups interested in sharing their expertise to the betterment of student education.

Barry takes this approach when speaking at high schools and colleges. His program “A Little Touch of History” is a lively, in-class presentation, where students are treated to a unique history lesson from a well known, major event and then allowed to interact with related artifacts. By allowing the students to physically ‘touch’ an actual piece of history, a personal attachment to the event is created. Barry writes:
“Thank you for joining me at AWESOMETALKS. As you can see, my career has blessed me with many amazing opportunities to ‘touch’ history and go behind the scenes where most people would never be allowed. It’s been fantastic and still continues to be. So this year I began thinking of ways to share this with others. Other than my own presentations to schools, I want to develop some teaching tools for educators that use some of the best practices from museum and corporate outreach programs around the world. I certainly don’t have all the answers so I encourage professionals and students alike to join me in building this blog and exchanging some really great ideas for our teachers to take into their classrooms. With your assistance, we can share ideas and experiences to benefit everyone.




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