Thank you to all who shared their Titanic stories with me

April 15, 2012: Barry Cauchon

Hi all: I just want to thank everyone who shared their thoughts on commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Titanic tragedy. Many of you used the information I posted in “What Time Did the RMS Titanic Really Hit the Iceberg?” to know the exact moment that the ship hit the iceberg and sank (in 2012 time).

For those of you who shared your thoughts with me both here on the blog, and in private emails, I can genuinely tell you that I was touched. Small gatherings, quiet memorials, lighting candles, prayers and moments of silence were just some of the ways you folks commemorated and remembered the victims of the Titanic. In a world where we become desensitized to death and destruction, it gives me great peace in my heart to know that so many of you still care about people.

I’m glad I could help in my own small way.



PS: Thanks Jen for helping me remember the importance of human kindness and caring.


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  1. Please DO keep this site VERY active. So we all can see our beloved TITANIC into Her second century !!!
    Our Hearts Will Go On….Nearer My God To Thee !!!

  2. Also, leave ALL the e-mails as Our Diary on Our Love for TITANIC !!!

  3. now the 100th year anniversary of the Titanic is over and still stories coming out plus the Shannon Ulster Titanic society is still going and I have just got another member from Ireland,and one member is coming over from America to visit me.

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